Just Off The Bus

jon miller
music and lyrics by jon miller


Just off the bus down at the end of the street.

That’s where I like to go, got some good friends to meet.

As I stroll down the sidewalk, Bird Bird passes me.

Mr. Snuffleupagus is coming over, could I stop back for some tea?

Say Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Barkley’s running ‘round; that dog can’t be beat.

Cookie Monster is chowing down; man can that guy eat.

Hey there’s Ernie, got a banana in his ear.

Messing again with Bert, telling him he can’t hear.

Say Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Up the steps to Gordon’s, got to stop in for a beer.

Seems so different, Sesame Street from here.


Maria’s hanging out down at the grocery store.

Mr. Hooper will help you out; find you what you’re looking for.

Two-headed monster and their vocabulary.

Cooperation works, you know you don’t have to ask me,

Say Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Still up at Gordon’s, now I’m seeing things so clear.

Seems so different, Sesame Street from here.


Count’s counting constantly, bit obsessive seems to me.

Tweedle Bugs are hanging out, Tweedle problems figured out.

Martians visit frequently, telephone fills them with glee.

Brrrrrrrnnng, some how they hear; bring them somehow to here.

Say Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Drop in at Oscar’s, Slimey’s there too.

Grouching’s not the way to go; you know he taught me that, its true.

Stop in at Hooper’s as I leave for the day.

Bread and butter he’s got; milk’s on the way.

Say Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Be back at Gordon’s, the perspective keeps me near.

Seems so different, Sesame Street from here.


They taught me my ABCs, taught me my 123s,

Taught me nearly everything, I really think so.

When I would come around, they’d always be about;

Coming through the camera lens, took some time to be my friends.

Say Yeah, yeah, yeah.